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From January 2017 we will now use our new blog to post updates of the learning taking place in Bees.   See the link below:


Ho ho ho


Mrs Searle has transformed the hospital into Santa’s workshop.  Outside Santa and his reindeer prepare for a busy couple of weeks!

And the weather this week…


The children have been using weather symbols to present forecasts for all countries in the United Kingdom.  One child even made a camera and turned the activity into a television program.  Countryfile presenters of the future!

Freezing Temperatures = Science Opportunity


It was wonderful to hear the children discussing what had happened to some of our resources which had been frozen in ice.  It was even more interesting to hear their suggestions as to how they would free the resources from the ice!

The Storm

Bridges across the river



Even though part of our outside area flooded, we still managed to make use of the space by building bridges and helping each other over.


DSCI1169 DSCI1209 DSCI1134 IMG_3851

We’ve continued measuring length, weight and capacity using non standard units in Maths lessons.  It’s been great fun and the children have ‘tried hard’ not to get water everywhere when filling larger containers with small ones 🙂

Forest School 22nd November 16

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Despite all the heavy rain, our Year 1 pupils still ventured out into the woods.  We began the session playing hide and seek which was fantastic fun.  Next we listened to a story called ‘Not a Stick’ by Antoinette Portis and we explored the woods looking for our own ‘not-a-sticks’.  The children found hose pipes, unicorn horns, golf clubs and many more.  After lunch we explored the woods further and made an obstacle course which children had to complete blindfolded, just holding the rope.  The best part of the day had to be playing stuck in the mud, in the mud!