Forest Friday 23.09.16

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The children in Honeybees had a wonderful time in the wildlife area on Friday.  Some children made pirate hats, others made boats, some children dug for treasure (worms) whilst others mashed up berries to make a treasure map.

Seaside Cafe


Applegarth Primary School now has a seaside cafe and it really has sparked the children’s imagination.  They have been busy role playing and taking orders for customers.  It caters for all food tastes but not sushi.

Exploring educational games using technology

It’s difficult finding good quality educational software for young children.  There are lots of APPs on tablets and if you’d like some suggestions, speak to your child’s teacher.  We’ve been trialing a website called ‘busythings’

Unfortunately it’s a subscription website but it’s had very good reviews from the children so far.  The company offer family subscriptions at a fairly reasonable price.  Parents can also register for a free 7 day trial.

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Are they bird watching or just keeping an eye out for pirates?

A few children showed an interest in making binoculars and telescopes so we’ve been busy sawing cardboard tubes to allow the children to stick and decorate their own.  As the term unfolds the children are becoming more confident at locating and selecting their own resources to help them with their work.


Counting In Bees

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We’ve done a lot of counting this week in Mathematics, using language such as ‘more’, ‘less’, ‘equal’, ‘fewer’ and ‘altogether’.  The children have been matching numerals to the amount they count.

Messy Play

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The children have been exploring a mixture of sand, water and washing up liquid to make gloopy items such as ice cream and cakes.  It’s most definitely an outdoor activity :)

Jolly Phonics Songs

Every afternoon at 1pm the children have a phonics session which lasts 20-30 minutes.  We follow a programme called ‘Letters and Sounds’ which was published in 2007 and based on the ‘old’ Jolly Phonics methods of teaching children to read.

We start with the letters S A T P I N.   Here are some catchy Jolly Phonics songs to go with teaching each letter sound.

Year 1 Mathematics – Estimating

The children in Year 1 have been practising their estimating and counting skills.  The pupils in Year 1 regularly use a separate classroom called ‘The Web’ which is a quieter environment where they can focus on their curriculum work.  In literacy they have been writing lists about what items to take to the seaside.

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Applegarth Rockpool

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This week we’re reading a book called ‘Sally and the Limpet’.  It features a girl who likes to explore rockpools and finds herself with a limpet stuck to her finger.  The children have begun to use pebbles to create a rockpool with Mrs Searle but we haven’t added any limpets in there yet!

Morning Activities


In the mornings we provide a carousel of activities for the children to work on whilst the teachers focus on guided reading with a group.  Four activities are set up in Honeybees and four activities in Bumblebees.  Each day we rotate the groups so every child has the opportunity to try all eight activities.  Above, one group are making paper plate crabs whilst the group below make patterns with glittery beads.

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