Postcard from Rio

Forest Friday 22.04.16




Well, the children have been very busy in the wildlife area. Some children helped repot our young trees ready to be planted in the autumn.  A few children wanted to paint the new pots with the acrylic paint that Mrs Hobbs conveniently brought with her.  Other children had lots of fun throwing beanbags at tin cans tied to a branch and made up their own scoring systems.  Another group of children were pretending to be wizards and witches, making up potions to turn their teachers into wolves.  Most children opted to make a nature crown by finding different natural materials to decorate card.  In the final picture a group of children are planting potatoes.



Of course, if the children want to travel to Brazil they would need a passport.  Some children in Reception have been filling in details about themselves using a passport template.

Applegarth Travel Agents


The role play area has been busy with travel agents booking holidays to all destinations from Brazil to China.  We have a growing number of children able to locate the United Kingdom on the globe which is great.   In the second picture one of our children decided to use Lego to build a statue of Christ the Redeemer which can be found in Rio De Janeiro.

Author Visit – Lari Don


The children were entranced when listening to stories retold by a fabulous author named Lari Don.  It inspired our Year 1 pupils to write their own stories about magic and fairies.  Some children even bought her books and had them signed.

Properties of numbers



Pupils in Year 1 have been exploring properties of two and sometimes three digit numbers.  They have had to use digit cards to build numbers according to certain criteria (e.g. give me an odd number greater than 40 but less than 50) whilst realising that there could be more than one answer.  Other children have been solving problems involving completing a jigsaw of the 100 square.

Applegarth Airlines



Outside the children have also been using construction blocks to build our very own aeroplane.  Customer satisfaction is sky high for those flying with Applegarth Airlines.  Most children after landing at their destination have bought items from the beach shop to enhance their holiday!

Preparing for a carnival

imageimage imageimage

Local residents may have been wondering why Barry Manilow’s ‘Copacabana’ has been heard playing endlessly in our outdoor area.  Well, the children in Bees have been making a variety of colourful masks and musical instruments to use as props when samba dancing.  Even some of the teachers have been caught shimmying!

Meanwhile others in the small world area have been making up stories about planes landing and taking off.  There have been various conversations between pilots and staff in the air traffic control tower.

Cyprus Recount

Password:  blueribbon

PhotoStory4 from Tony Whiteley on Vimeo.