Forest Friday 20.11.15

The password is blueribbon

Forest Friday 20th November 2015 from Tony Whiteley on Vimeo.

  • melj says:

    This looks great fun! How lucky the children are to have such an area in school.

    Grandparents came to visit our Honeybee this week. How are you enjoying school? They asked.

    Well…. We’ve had a big wedding at the church ( with a tractor outside), we’ve made witches potions and spells, an alien spaceship crashed outside school ( but the alien was very friendly), a space man came to see us and…. we get to make mud pies!!

    How school has changed since my day grandad replied 😉 They enjoyed looking through the blogs together.

    • mrsgoodwin says:

      What a marvellous idea sharing the Blog with Grandparents. Some things certainly have changed but some are still the same. We try to instil many of the manners and behaviour expected in school in times gone by!
      I agree the space ship crash landing was certainly new. However if you look through the history of the school other aircraft have crashed not too far away. Pupils recalled the event in the school log books at the time. Maybe the Blog is the log book of the future.

  • jenhb says:

    Great to see the kids enjoying the outdoors. Callum loves it and is always full of stories about his time in ‘the woods!’

    • mrsgoodwin says:

      Thanks for contributing to the Blog. I am so pleased that Callum enjoys it so much.

  • mrsgoodwin says:

    It is amazing how creative our children are in the school grounds! Design Technology with a REAL PURPOSE. Who needs ‘Celebrity Get Me Out of Here’. These children would be so resourceful in ANY jungle!

    Great to see outdoor learning taking place in Applegarth School.

    I’ll look out for those traps and rabbit home.