Magic bean Phonics!


Some ‘magic beans’ appeared in the Bee’s classroom today!

Why not try this at home to help your child with their reading and writing skills?! Write some letters onto dry Butter beans. (We used s,a,t,p,i,n) check your child recognises each letter and can make that sound, now play with the beans to ‘blend’ the sounds together to make a word! How many words can you make? Can you ‘segment’ the word and split it up back into each sound?

Why not try making some funny nonsense (alien) words?!  Have fun!!


The children decided to sort the beans into groups, making the letter sound each time.


Ethan tries really hard to form the letters and write the word he made with his beans!



We use the beans to help us to blend sounds together to make a word! Magic!

P1020370 P1020374