The Wedding of Harry O’Hay and Betty O’Barley

If any parents or grandparents would like to join the children in Bees to celebrate the wedding of Harry O’Hay and Betty O’Barley at All Saints Church we would warmly welcome you. For a bit of educational fun, Reverend Fiona has kindly agreed to lead a wedding ceremony for two children in Reception (we’ll ask for volunteers and then names will be drawn out of a hat). All children (apart from our two scarecrows) are invited to wear a wedding outfit for the morning to make the occasion more special. Hymns will include some of those we are learning for the harvest festival and Year 1 pupils will be asked to read out parts of the story from the pulpit. It’s all very exciting. If any parents feel they could add anything to the ceremony to make it even more special (maybe a cake, an order of servie, a tractor outside church or anything you can think of…) that would be fantastic!